Celebrating 1 Year Of Implementation In Togo


In May 2022, in a significant stride towards combating malaria and improving child healthcare, the implementation of Preventive Malaria Chemotherapy (PMC) within the MULTIPLY project district started in Togo.

The project’s initial focus lies on the Haho district, nestled within Togo’s Plateaux region. This strategic decision was guided by a meticulous analysis of key factors such as geographical location, birth statistics, vaccination coverage, and malaria prevalence. The Haho district emerged as an optimal starting point for PMC implementation in Togo.

From its start, PMC implementation in Togo has had strong endorsement from the local community and authorities. The journey has included addressing crucial aspects like the availability of clean water for PMC dose administration and essential transportation equipment for outreach efforts. One of the project’s remarkable achievements has been the comprehensive deployment of PMC across all health facilities within the district. Through perseverance and innovative problem-solving, the project has managed to overcome initial obstacles, achieving its goal of accessibility and coverage.

Within the majority of 27 health centers, chosen as sites for MULTIPLY implementation, , a novel approach known as Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (DOTS) has been adopted to ensure efficient PMC administration to children. Health professionals prepare the PMC doses while mothers take charge of the administration process under the watchful supervision of healthcare personnel. As of June 30, 2023, a total of 46,663 PMC doses have been successfully administered.

Safety has been paramount throughout the implementation process. Rigorous pharmacovigilance measures were introduced in tandem with the PMC intervention. Encouragingly, after a year of implementation, no adverse effects have been reported, underscoring the careful planning and execution of the initiative.

The health district’s dedicated teams have integrated PMC implementation into their daily routines. Supervision activities for PMC align with ongoing vaccination efforts and other interventions within the district. As PMC implementation advances into its second year, the motivation of district-level teams remains, cementing PMC administration as a routine practice in Haho district’s health centers.

In summary, the journey of PMC implementation in Togo’s MULTIPLY project serves as an example of progress and dedication. Through community support, strategic decision-making, and collaborative problem-solving, PMC is poised to make a lasting impact on child healthcare and malaria prevention in the region. As the initiative continues to unfold, the prospect of healthier futures for the children of Togo shines brighter than ever before.

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