Photo at the end of launch ceremony. (First row: right to left): Shino Arikawa (IRD), Mr Joseph Abotsigan (Journalist), Dr Winiga Koudema (Director CHP Notsè), Père Emmanuel Missihu, Dr Tinah Atcha-Oubou (NMCP Coordinator), Mr Awo Tchangani (Prefect of Haho), His Majesty the King of Haho Agokoli IV, Pr Didier Ekouevi (PI, MULTIPLY Togo)

Launch of the MULTIPLY project in Togo – 21 January 2022

The MULTIPLY project is being implemented in Sierra Leone, Togo and Mozambique. In Togo, the MULTIPLY project is coordinated by the University of Lomé in close collaboration with the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) and the Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene, and Universal Access to Health Care through the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI).

MULTIPLY was officially launched in Togo on January 21, 2022. MULTIPLY will be conducted in Haho district Togo. The launch was conducted by the Prefect of the Haho District, in the presence of the Principal Investigator of MULTIPLY  in Togo (Prof. Didier Ekouevi). Also present were the mayor of the commune of Haho 1, the NMCP coordinator, His Majesty the King of Haho, President of the Council of Traditional Chiefs of Togo, the Haho Health District Director, the director of the Hospital of Notsè, the MULTIPLY project team, a representative of the MULTIPLY partner Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), religious and military authorities, members of the district management team, and members of the press. The ceremony began with speeches by the mayor of Haho 1, the NMCP coordinator and his majesty the King of Haho.  The NMCP coordinator stated that the IPTi was included in the National Malaria Control Strategy documents, but was never implemented due to lack of funding; for him, the success of the MULTIPLY project would be a boost advocacy. The principal investigator then took the floor to present the MULTIPLY project and to thank the local administrative and health authorities for their support of the project. This was followed by a discussion session during which the audience asked questions about the project. During this session, the Director of the Notsè prefectural hospital, who is a paediatrician, emphasized the importance of a project like MULTIPLY in view of the relatively high morbidity and mortality due to malaria that his hospital has to deal with.  The Prefect of Haho then took the floor; he emphasized his commitment to health activities for the benefit of the population of his district and pledged to support the MULTIPLY project before declaring the MULTIPLY project officially launched in the Haho district.

Togo will soon be one of the few countries in sub-Saharan Africa to implement IPTi. In addition to the three doses of IPTi currently recommended by WHO, an extra dose will be administered at 15 months to increase the protective efficacy of IPTi in children under 2 years of age, a high-risk group for malaria.

Public of the launch ceremony (First row, left to right) : Mr Amouzou Atsou (Representative of Chef Canton Asrama), His Majesty the King of Haho Agokoli IV, Mr Awo Tchangani ((Prefect of Haho), Dr Tinah Atcha-Oubou (NMCP Coordinator), Pr Didier Ekouevi (PI, MULTIPLY Togo)

Speech of the Prefect of Haho. Left to right : Dr Tinah Atcha-Oubou (NMCP Coordinator), Mr Awo Tchangani (Prefect of Haho), His Majesty the King of Haho Agokoli IV, Mr Sefenu Yaovi (Mayor of Haho 1)

Presentation of MULTIPLY by PI, Togo, Didier Ekouevi (with the microphone) Présentation du Projet MULTIPLY par l’Investigateur Principal. (De la gauche vers la droite) Pr Didier Ekouevi (Investigateur Principal, MULTIPLY Togo), Dr Tinah Atcha-Oubou (coordonnateur du PNLP), Mr Awo Tchangani (Préfet du Haho), Sa majesté Agokoli IV (Roi du Haho)

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